Play It Duran Duran

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Hello Duranies!

From record launch in 1981 to today, Duran Duran has grown from wild boys start-up to sophisticated establishment.  The fine gentlemen in the names of Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, and Roger Taylor are globally distinguished and refined with age.  The guys, if you will, tap into the fountain of youth as they rock on.  The fountain of youth touches upon the DD fan base as well.  The first generation of fans have grown up with the band, from a deafening roar with excitement to the point of glossing over the actual performances to truly taking in the experience Duran Duran has to offer.  Generations to follow seem to tread along the same path. 

Play It Duran Duran offers the experience fans have to offer.  Whether established or new, there is one question that will always linger from our point of view - are Simon, Nick, John, Roger, and all those who have contributed still wild boys?

Welcome and enjoy!